Here you may view some nice GIFs taken from the game!!!


1. Nice bicycle kick (81K) by Peter C.H
2. Impressive Header (82K) by Peter C.H
3. Amazing Recovery (188K) by Peter C.H
4. Crossing Madness (278K) by Peter C.H.
5. The hand of God..! (249K) by Mustaine



6. Never ending tackle (27K) by Peter C.H
7. The 99 goal bug...! (88K) by Peter C.H.
8. Keeper blocks the ball outside the area from a freethrow! (78K) by Peter C.H.
9. The ball sticks on the screen!!! (152 K) by Peter C.H.
10. Rock around the keeper!!! (224 K) by Peter C.H.
11. The panic of the goalie... (197 K) by Peter C.H.
12. The panic of the goalie II (297 K) by Peter C.H.


From Clones

The goals below were scored in a modified version of TWC (MAME 0.34 was used by
changing the analog settings "Trak X sensitivity"=118%, "Trak X Key/Joy Delta"=33,
"Trak Y sensitivity"=100% and "Trak Y Key/Joy Delta"=33):

13. The... foot of God! (350K) by Peter C.H.
14. "High" crossing (375K) by Peter C.H.
15. Clever chip-pass (287K) by Peter C.H.


Created by a Tehkan World Cup fanatic!

"All your goal are belong to us"