Pi's view of Tehkan World Cup !  

Ok, so I got my totally legal copy of MAME and I check the last added games (totally illegal, all of them), and I find this fun game called Free Kick where you mix football/soccer and breakout.


I had an idea.

Well I got a zillion ideas, but I better explain a few ones. I think we could somehow hack Tehkan World Cup to add it more gameplay. See, they mixed TWC with Arkanoid, and the game is actually fun! Imagine the possibilities:

* You are in command of a newly designed XWLC-21a tank, and you fire your 11 inches cannon FIRE-LOADED balls at the enemy defenses who hopelessly guard the goal line. The referee could optionally be smashed with said tank.

* You have to kick the ball at music rhythm to advance thru the grass. The defenders, who are skinny, manga-style barely dressed girls, jump frantically at the rhythm of some horrible ultraspeedy Dancing Disco Retard soundtrack. Missing a beat causes one of the gals to
tackle you. Doing special combos while dancing in great stilee will make you achieve the goal. Unexplainably, instead of wearing the usual shirt-shorts uniform, the main character is dressed like Michael Jackson in Moonwalker (check system16.com for reference).
TWC DDR will be a true success after Comad (the developer) decides that each time you make a goal, the goal keeper (another manga-gal)
will show you some... Rhythms. Say boobiez bouncez.

* You and your magic football ball are in the magic land of the magic magical creatures to rescue the princess from the evil magician Lord Magus. Each time you throw the magic ball (using magical throws when available), you defeat one of the magic goal lines which are preventing you to reach the princess and get a magic kiss from her (which of course will be censored). Magic hordes of magic referees, who instead of dressing black, they dress in colorful cheezy magic rags, will try to dry the grass under your feet (did i mention you wear some magic shoes?) making your movement slower and unable to jump on the multiple level magically suspended fields available in this...
Magical game.

* You're captain Soxorz at command of starship Ball-1 (football ball-shaped, of course), which fires neverending bloads of loads fires, towards enemy ships (referee-whistle-shaped, of course) which explode. Your mission: guard the last virgin goal line of the galaxy.
Available power-ups, exclusive for this game: none.

There are hundreds of games in MAME which are worse, so I didn't do so bad...





Created by a Tehkan World Cup fanatic!

"All your goal are belong to us"