Clones(?) of Tehkan World Cup!


The Greek and Spanish clones (which were previously found/dumped) seemed to be identical to the existing rom in MAME, apart from a small diffeence in the Spanish rom, where the year shows "1986" instead of "1985". Well, below I present some pictures from each rom...

You may even download any of those roms (you must rename them to "" in order to be played in MAME). If you find any differences, please let me know! :)

If you wish to view some extra info about the Greek Tehkan World Cup clones(?), plus the mystery surrounding them, please read part 3 of my Wishlist!

MAME Version
download HERE!
Greek Version
download HERE!
Spanish Version
download HERE!
(for original naming click here)



Below is presented a possible clone of Tehkan World Cup, found and dumped by Roberto Fresca, which looks like a prototype. The title name presented in this rom is "Rotwix World Cup"!!!



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