Greetings to all Tehkan World Cup fans!

My name is (Grand Master) Peter C.H. and my origins are from the tiny Greek island of Kastellorizo ( Rumours say that this island was a part of Atlantis which was never sunk into the sea!?!   :)
The nick "Master" is more about my Master's degree in Mathematics than my TWC scores!


This page is dedicated to the best coin-op football computer game ever made. There are, of course, newer games with more realistic graphics and amazing effects. But Tehkan World Cup was and is (still) today a very playable and enjoyable game (especially in two player mode...!).
I would have never been any good in this game if I hadn't played endless titanic battles
with my best friends in Greece: Christos Psarris (who is as good as me) and Stefan Raabe!!!


The MAME drivers for this game were developed by Ernesto Corvi
and Roberto Fresca (to whom I am personally infinitely grateful!)


If you wish to play Tehkan World Cup on your Computer, first you need to download MAME and maybe a nice frontend (such as EmuLoader). Then you need to get the Tehkan World Cup rom, provided that you OWN the original game... we all do, don't we? :)
(don't expect anybody to bother about the copyright of a twenty year old game anyway!)

Alternatively, you may use the small sized (321K) MAMEHKAN instead of MAME (you still need the rom!)
(which can be easily carried in a floppy disk!!!)

More info about the game can be found in a text file HERE!
To create and modify your own Tehkan World Cup Clones(!) click HERE!
Discover 11 million+(!) ways to score in Tehkan World Cup HERE!
Technical help for the TWC Dip Switches and the Pinout from "Pyrofer"!
Technical help for the TWC Dip Switches (Italian version boards schemes).
For a translation of the JPEGs to text, click HERE!


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