MAMEHKAN is a "tiny" MAMEW which runs only one game:
the amazing Tehkan World Cup!

MAMEHKAN's main advantage is its very small (uncompressed) size (321 Kb).
Furthemore, stephh "you are the best" has fixed the analog settings bug,
which still exists in MAMEW, but is easy to fix if you compile MAMEW
by replacing the "src\drivers\tehkanwc.c" file with stephh's tehkanwc.c
(or, if you can't view it properly on your browser, download it in a zipped file HERE!)
The only strange outcome was the sound. It was "repeatetively" strange!

A very big THANK YOU to Steph (stephh) from The Ultimate Patchers!!!
Also, a very big THANK YOU to all the MAME devs for their source code!!!

Now that we can easily change the analog settings, we are trying to create
more clones, and even modify tehkanwc.c for more spectacular results!
If you wish to learn ways to create Tehkan World Cup clones, click here!
If someone has any new suggestions or comments, please send us an email!

(the clones below involve modified colours, sprites, background or speed)

1. Your team is no longer alive. Haunt your opponents by winning the cup!
2. The... shadows of today's teams!
3. Darker clothes.
4. Brighter clothes.
5. Can you beat the opponents without getting dizzy watching them???
6. The world cup organisers had to cut some costs. No more grass!!!
7. FIFA says: Never play this game when drunk!!! See?
8. Tehkan... Cold Cup!!!I
9. The first (and last) World Cup in... Antarctica!!!
10. Hey!!! Can somebody turn the lights on?
11. The lawnmowers are on strike......
12. The lawnmowers get a pay rise...!
13. Hmm, where is everybody? Most importantly, where am I???
14. After moving the timer and scoreline to the left, the horrific reality was revealed: There is another TWC stadium on the right!!!

The goals move along the goal-line, the fans invade the pitch, the game is played in multiple stadiums and the players run faster than Ferraris!!!
Are you ready for mamehkan-turbo?

16. mamehkan-balls Your team of balls must beat the other team of balls, by shooting a ball towards some other, bigger balls!!!
17. mamehkan-reverse Reverse your skills and explore new ways of... controlling the ball!

To use MAMEHKAN, you need to:
1) Download mamehkan.exe, or one of the clones 
2) Download the tehkanwc ROM from this site.                            
3) Create a "roms" folder in the same directory with mamehkan.exe
Then inside the "roms" folder create another directory called
"tehkanwc" and place in it all the files contained in    
4) Open a DOS window and type >mamehkan tehkanwc [options]
For example, me, stephh and Gustavo should type:             
>mamehkan tehkanwc -nosound (because of our slow PCs!!!) 
5) Enjoy endless hours of (analog bug free) Tehkan World Cup!   


Created by a Tehkan World Cup fanatic!

"All your goal are belong to us"

Best viewed with a 800x600 resolution