The famous Tehkan World Cup teams!

P1 team: Spain? Russia? Holland?
P2 team: Italy? Greece?

Teams controlled by the Computer

  1st team: Scotland!
  Difficulty: 1/10
  2nd team: Poland?England?
  Difficulty: 2/10
  3rd team: Brasil!
  (South America)
  Difficulty: 3/10
  4th team: Italy!
  Difficulty: 5.5/10
  5th team: France!
  Difficulty: 6.5/10
  6th team: Argentina? Uruguay?
  (South America)
  Difficulty: 9/10
  7th team: Germany!
  Difficulty: 10/10

Exclusive: The hidden teams of Tehkan World Cup!
(please note that the teams below were made using Image Editor and they do not exist in the game!)



Apart from mentioning Greece (since it is where I come from...), all other choices seem to be the most logical according to the colors, tradition and history of national teams in the World Cup.
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