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Hints and Tips to learn the secrets of the game
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Download HERE the sacred Tehkan World Cup ROM!!!
(please note that this is the only rom available on this site!)
Go HERE to get modified Tehkan World Cup ROMs!!!
(rename it to "tehkanwc.zip" to play)
Click here to view Grand Master Peter's FLASH Movies
Click here to go to www.mame.dk and vote for Tehkan World Cup!
(plus lots of technical info!)
Pi's view for Tehkan World Cup (funny!)  
Soon: News about the Greek clone(s) of Tehkan World Cup!
(this matter has been stalled at the moment for many reasons...)



Click on one of the players below to
see different features of the game! :)



Some nice TWC related pics

Cabinet picture
PCB picture
Flyer picture 1
Flyer picture 2
Flyer picture 3
Sticker picture
(thanks Gustavo!)
(thanks Gustavo!)
(thanks Gustavo!)


Grand Master Peter is also captain of the 5-a-side
"European Champions" football team! Photo1, Photo2.

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