Tehkan World Cup TWINS


Tehkan World Cup had many twins, that is, other football games where the action was seen from above. Atari Football was a nice start in the arcades, then Hot Shots followed in the home computers section. Below, I list some of these programs which are worth a look. I recommend you to try Kick Off II , my personal favourite home computer game!

Kick Off, Kick Off Extra Time, Kick Off II, Player Manager, Final Whistle, Return to Europe, Giants of Europe, Goal!.

Computer System/Console:
Amiga 500










In 1989, Anco (and Dino Dini) produced my favourite series of home computer games for Amiga 500, with Kick Off II being the BEST of all!

Kick Off II had plenty of features that gave a whole new dimension to football games.
Fouls, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Injuries (and Injury Time!), Substitutions were all part of a unique fun mixture.
Each player had his own attributes (strength, stamina, speed etc), his own number and you could choose them from a given list.

Your team could choose their ideal tactic system. My favourite was the 4-3-3 system which proved to be lethal for ALL my opponents. In Player Manager, you could create your own tactic system which could be loaded into Kick Off II!

One of the fun parts was the referees. There were plenty of them with different names and most importantly different moods!!! Some of them will never give a foul, others will show eight red cards in a row!!! Some of them were even treating nicely only one of the two teams...!

Kick Off II did not have music during the game, but the sound effects were good enough to create a terrific atmosphere.

The best attribute of all, was a revolutionary feature called "after touch". It was a ball-controlling feature which was on effect after kicking the ball. It could produce some wicked spin, height or power to the ball depending on our action. For example, if your player was running upwards, you shot the ball, moved the joystick downwards and kept pressing the shoot button, then the ball will take off just like an F16-fighter in a flight simulator!!! This was not an easy feature to master, but I liked it and played it sooo much, that I actually won the Greek "Kick Off II Competition" organised by the greek computer magazine PIXEL (February 1991). As in Tehkan World Cup, I would have never been half as good in this game without the endless tournaments between me, Stefan Raabe, Christos Psarris, my brother Chris etc etc etc...

Besides all the above, there were other features, like the Action Replay. Any time during the game you could press "R" and see a replay of the last 10 seconds. If it was a nice replay you could save it and place it inside your golden replay archive!

And yes, I still have an Amiga 500 and the original Kick Off II disk!!! :)

Tecmo World Cup

Computer System/Console:

Don't mix this game with some other arcade games from Tecmo (former Tehkan). This game was released for NES! And yes, it is a Tehkan World Cup edition for NES! Graphics and music are limited compared to the original, but in my opinion it is a very good try!
I had no clue about the existence of this game until Marcos Cavalieri sent me a series of emails about it!!! And I actually used to have a NES (which was the prize of the 1991 Kick Off II competition!). Many thanks to Marcos Cavalieri who also added that this is a rare game. Well, since I (Master Peter) had never heard about it, it MUST be rare!!! :)

If you wish to view some animation made with the help of MESS, click HERE! (98 Kb)

Sensible World of Soccer

Computer System/Console:
Amiga 500

This game was popular too, but I will never understand why...! It was a neat game but it didn't have much fun features and the stadium area was just too small, just like watching a real game from a two km height!

I admit that this game was a huge success, but I noticed that real football game lovers often ended up with Kick Off II. SWOS was a game that I liked a lot, not loved! :)


Created by a Tehkan World Cup fanatic!

"All your goal are belong to us"