Trihx, the Puzzle Ninja, is a warrior of peace. He uses his puzzle-weapons to only enlighten people and to honor and respect others. Unlike humans, he can control his emotions by using a spherical device/puzzle, the PNP. He strongly believes in Plato's theory regarding the harmony between the body and the mind, as well as his wise words that "Morality consists in knowing and maintaining the harmony and balance between the rational and irrational elements of the soul". If you ever manage to practice and use the above, as well as solve the Cubedron in under thirty seconds, then you may also call yourself, a Puzzle Ninja!

Flovies (Flash Movies)

Movie Description:
1. Puzzle Ninja Introduction "Earth... a place which should have been a paradise..." [see the Movie for more]
(the same movie is available in its YouTube version on the right-above)
2. The Legend of the Iris Diamond This movie is to be made in the future...

Questions: Answers:
Who is the Puzzle Ninja? The question is not important and will not be answered.
He has two mounted balls.
Are those his weapons?
His weapons are two gravity puzzles, the Cubedron and the Krystalledron.
Is the Puzzle Ninja violent? No. He uses his weapons to spread wisdom, honor and respect.
Is the Puzzle Ninja cool? He is cool and hot at the same time.
They say he gets angry easily.
Is this true?
The Puzzle Ninja controls his emotions by using another spherical device, and rotating
its pieces. This device is known as the PNP (Puzzle Ninja Puzzle - see photo above).
He has nice abs. Is he fit? Yes, he is very fit, in both the body and the mind.
Where does he come from? He was born inside the imaginary puzzle justice world. But now he exists for real.
Another legend says that he was born in Puzzlantis, the Lost Puzzle Continent...
Where does he live? His home is the minds of all people. Once he is in, you can never let him out.

Puzzle Ninja Definitions
Puzzle Justice
Reporting (with evidence) any type of puzzle cheating or stealing.
Secret Gravity Spin. It is a secret but powerful way of throwing a spherical gravity puzzle (such as the Cubedron & Krystalledron). After the puzzle is thrown to a certain distance, the spin causes the puzzle to stop suddenly, which then causes one pyramid to rotate at a very fast speed (near the speed of light). The combination of those forces creates an unknown type of gravity force and a bright light explosion. Those seem to have a (positive) effect to the brain of the people who are exposed to it. One S.G.S. is equivalent to practicing for five days with the puzzle which was thrown (which explains the increase of the IQ).
Cubedron Justice
It is the action of throwing a Cubedron by using the S.G.S. It has the effect of making people smarter and more aware of their responsibilities. It also gives perfect rock hard abdominals.
Krystalledron Justice
It is the action of throwing the Krystalledron by using the S.G.S. Only the Puzzle Ninja knows its effects, but it is said that the consequences are very extreme. Maybe this is the reason why it has never been used.
Single Curly Hair Unit. It is the hairstyle of the Puzzle Ninja and it helps him to move efficiently when performing the S.G.S. There is surely more to the S.C.H.U. than meets the eye...


Disclaimer: The Puzzle Ninja (and anyone else) is not responsible for any damages to
your puzzles, if you wish to practice the S.G.S. (regardless if you have a S.C.H.U. or not).

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