Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Berlin Wall: One-Two-Three-Four! One-Two-Three-Four! LOL nuff said for this Space Panic style game!!!

Bomberman: LOL That game can become very strategic (almost as boulder dash), but is full of action!!!! :)
Crazy Rally: Having frontal collisions with trucks is not really my idea for fun, but this game has excellent gameplay!
Very enjoyable!!!
Cuby Bop: One of the cutest intros I have seen! LOL And the game is quite nice too!
Diver Boy: Well that one had a lot of nice sea life together with a diver! (yeap I was biased on this one LOL)
Dr Micro: Now that game reminded me of Crazy Kong for some reason! LOL It already is one of my favourites!!! :)
Reactor: Get ready for some non stopping action as you try to smash your enemies on the wall. And if you think they are getting too many for you, you may use a decoy of yourself! :)


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