Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

The Electric Yo-yo (look a bit like Qix but the goal of the game is different... see why they call it yo-yo!)
Frogs: Greg shouldn't be the only one that likes this game... Certainly an example that just a few lines of code can be more enjoyable
than many unplayable and unoriginal new crap. It IS old, but it can give you many moments of fun! :)
Ghox: Arkanoid style, but sometimes cannot distinguish the background from the blocks that are supposed to be hit! - and THAT was intriguing LOL
Go Go! Mile Smile: Quite cute intro LOL... game is like Ant Eater, but gives more "dimensional" options! :)
Gridlee: A three dimensional qt-game! I definitely like the way the main character celebrates when a level is complete! LOL
Hard Hat: Very old looking, but quite addictive.... Move the letters to complete the word... but to do that you must first move the
whole platform by one step to one direction by breaking all the blocks at the opposite direction! (I don't care if I confused you LOL)


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