Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Kangaroo: Now this one *has* some small gameplay flaws, but the fact that its style is Crazy Kong-sque is enough!
Punch the blooming monkeys!!! LOL
Meikyu Jima: Simply a gem! It strongly reminds me the Amiga game Squeek, although the style of play is completely different!
Cute characters again, nice celebrations after the completion of a level, and addictive gameplay! :)
King & Balloon: It is just a simple shoot-em-up, but its a worth a try! Ok ok the true reason I liked this game was the King's voice
which sounds ridiculously funny when captured by an alien! LOL
Kitten Kaboodie: You are a little cute kitty which is trying to survive in a cruel world of crocodiles, mad scientists and... tomatoes! LOL
It is a pengo style game, but as in Meikyu Jima, it adds some new atmosphere! :)

Ladybug: Now if you have never played Ladybug, you are definitely NOT an arcade game lover... One of the cutest and unique arcade
games to ever appear. Your Ladybug must be careful and avoid some other insects by manipulating the passages.
There are more features which can make the game more interesting. One thing I will never understand though:
What the Evil Bonze's Home has a wedding to do with the "SPECIAL" bonus?!? LMAO

Lasso: With your lasso (which can be extended as much as you wish), you got to capture sheeps, bulls or horses. It is fun, as it is
fast paced with all those dogs trying to eat you, while some dragons(?!?) also try to harm you with their deadly breath.
A must, especially for those who like sheeps! LOL


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