Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Lemmings: Very popular game for home computers in the early nineties. If you have little patience to learn the first steps of the game, you will be rewarded! :)
Just guide those poor little lemmings using your God power to change their will. That's not a bad thing after all, as you plan to save them! Or, if you are evil, you can just guide them to different sadistic types of death.... LOL
Levers: A primitive but different game. Although in the begining the control will seem very very odd, you should be able to get used to it after a couple of games. You just collect some flowers being hassled by some big balls and a bee that degerenated the flowers... :)
Libble Rabble: Two joysticks! You need more than one stick to play this game, as you control the two ends of a line that is supposed to capture the enemies. For an old game, I was impressed! :)
Lock'n Chase: Imagine Pac-Man with a hat driving an antique! Now there are no power pills, but you may use the power of blocking...
paths! Athough not widely known, it does has that classic style! :)
Loco-motion: If you liked trains when you were young, that would be sufficient but not necessary! :)
A game that is very strategic as you must make desicions on where the train should go. There *are* some similarities with the Lemmings game, but there are also some big differences!
M-4: A simple tank game, which requires more skill than you think. And beware, the loading time for your opponent, is much less than yours!!! (it's irritating in the beginning, but then later.... hehehe)


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