Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Cadash: If you liked the Shadow of the Beast series in the Amiga, you would surely like this game too. The plot is quite similar but the goal is to
save a Princess...! Mermaids, blobs, wizards, octopii, dwarfs are all included! LOL
Dominos: A simple and mesmerising game! Cover your opponent before he covers you! It is already a lot of fun to play against the
computer, but I bet it would be awesome for two players! :)
Devil Fish: Feed the bad octopii so that they will become fat and slow and not able to fit in the passages. That's how they get stuck and you
can then get them! A simple and nice game! Beware though, the big fat octopii can return to their small form and run fast again! :)
Disco No 1: Another bizzare game LOL. Try to "capture" the dancers while avoiding the rest of the enemies. Of course in the meantime
you shake your boogie! Looks like a cross betweeen Lasso and Qix!!! :)
Mahjong Club 90s: Of all the mahjong games, this got to be the most teasing one! In my opinion it is a class better than the rest.
Maybe not "dirty" but teasing, and THAT's what makes it great! :)
Galaxy Wars: Space Invaders look, same goal (kill invaders before they come too close to your base), but different way of stopping them!
You guide a missile that is supposed to hit the upper fleet of aliens. Plus you can speed it up to help avoid the enemy's fire and the other
(lower fleet) aliens.


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