Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Space Invaders '95: If you liked even remotely Space Invaders and you haven't played this game, then you must be punished! A lot of questions
of the original 1978 game are being answered here, while some remain unanswered! LOL
Speed Coin: This game that requires a lot of skill to keep a coin rolling with a certain speed, otherwise your coin will fall and get smashed...
Plus, you need to do your act with limited time! :)
Speed Freak: So you think you are a good driver? Then try this game and you shall see! Unfortunately, if you are used to drive on the left side you are going to have some serious trouble! :)
Spiders: Try to stop those aliens with the arachno-style of attacks... The extended red part of their web can be fatal if not careful!!
It *could* be called a refined version of Missile Attack! :)
Spelunker: An adventure of an archeologist deep inside the Earth... Very exciting but very very difficult as well. Good luck!!! :)
Star Force: In one word it can be described as "smooth". A very enjoyable shoot-em-up with impressive backgrounds for its time. Looks
very similar to a game called "Uridium" on Commodore 64! :)
Willy Tower: The electricity bill is the least you need to worry about as electric sparks are attempting to stop you from escaping your lab.
For some reason it reminded me of the Donkey Kong II handheld! :)
Wiping: Using your plow-truck vehicle you need to clear up the way, but most importantly wipe out your enemies! Be careful of the little devil,
he's got a looong bad tail! :)


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