Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Hexion: A tetris game, but instead of the normal cartesian two-dimensional grid, a hexagonal one is used! Mathematically speaking,
a hexagonal grid is an optimum grid, as it is more flexible than its cartesian brother. Anyway, it IS a different experience when you
have MORE position options for each piece!

Pirate Ship Higemaru: crab barrels and throw barrels to the pirates.... LOL careful not get accidentally bring yourself to a dead end though! :)
(oh yes and watch out those pirates who hide and run(?) inside the barrel! LOL)
I'm Sorry: LOL Now it really hurts to lose, but it hurts twice if the enemy whips you as well... You feel very... violated!!! :)
It may be just another "pick up the stuff to finish the level" game, but this one is full of bizzare surprises!
Intrepid: You are a spy and you are up to steal some secret plans of what seems to be... communists! LOL Very fun as you are
constantly on the run (out at the elevator or inside the rooms).
Jumping Jack: LOL those monkeys seem to be cousins of the ones in the Kangaroo game! :)
Nice game with a different "jumping" style!
Juno First: This is just a reminder for some first class 3-D shooting experience! Simply mesmerizing! :)


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