Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Stinger: If you are a calm player you will be able to excel in this shooting game. But if you hate starting from the start of a level everytime
you lose you will end up with a broken monitor...! Watch out for the "gravitational traps" and the big green spaceship! And always use
your "satellite" thingy wisely! :)
Strength & Skill: Fans of Track & Field will definitely like this diverse version of the popular sports game! Log Sawing, Pile Driving and
Slope Running are all there! :)
Super Burger Time: Although this game is the follow up tp Burger Time, it more reminds me of Bubble Bobble or Rodland! LOL
Don't get me wrong, it is surely is a great game and this time the burgers are getting BIGGER! :)
The Glob/Super Glob: You look disgustingly cute! You are a blob like thingy, yet you move so cute it hurts! LOL Your only "weapons" are
the elevator and your ability to stick on the roof! (eeeewww!!!) :)
Swimmer: A very elegant game where you control a swimmer who must do his daily training without being killed by lobsters, turtles(?),
mosquitos, a giant grab and some pirahnas! Collecting all fruits may give you plenty of points! (but what are those fruits doing inside the sea? LOL) :)
Zaxxon/Super Zaxxon: A classic game, but not for those who may get a bit dizzy after exposed to a 3-D game! (the raster-era should be blamed for that LOL)
For a shoot-em-up game is a very difficult and challenging one! :)
Tac Scan: A shoot-em-up, but this time you are not controlling one space-ship but a whole fleet of them!!! You then must try to minimise any losses to be able to continue! A multiple action game! :)
Wonder Momo: Don't press the jump button... DON'T!!! (too late I addicted now LOL). Well not many games have blue... ahem.. miniskirts! :)
Wizard of Wor: You just can't beat the nostalgia feeling surrounding this ancient game. But where's the wizard's gone? :)


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