Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Mikie: If you didn't have the chance to be naughty when you were a schoolkid, it is never too late. Just be as naughty as you want in this game!
(including beating up the teacher!) LOL


Motos: If you like bullying other people, then this game is made specifically for you! LOL ok, ok, it has got very little to do with bullying, but you try to push away all your enemies so that they can fall off the platform. The gameplay is great and addictive!
The Amazing Adventures of Mr. F. Lea: An old game, a bit clumsy looking, but a very enjoyable one. You control a little flea in four doggy levels which look like some primitive versions of Frogger, Donkey Kong, Jungle Hunt and Wonderboy! But always beware of the bones! LOL

Mr. TNT: You are collecting (or defusing?!?) bombs through paths that you can only go once! That would be an easy task if there weren't some evil sparks following you all the time! :) A nice arcade game with some startegy in it!

New Rally X/ Rally X: A classic! In my opinion it deserved more recognition than it already has. A simple "get the flags before the baddies get you" game, but the "position screen" adds a new dimension! A perfect game to play during long boat trips! (and I am talking from experience) :)
Pepper II: Reminded me of Amidar, except it has more levels, plus, passing an even number of times from the same path will leave it incomplete, unless the path belongs to a completed block. The enemies usually go slower than you, but don't be fooled, as they will eventually get you! :)


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