Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Pipe Dream: Building pipes to prevent accidents is demonstrated in this lovely game. Remember to use a sufficient number of pipe-types
as establishing a route from Start to End may not be enough! Don't blame me if you wish to become a plumber after playing this game!
Addiction alert!!!!! LOLOL
Pisces: For those who loved Phoenix and Pleiads, this game is made for you! Not as famous as them, but has similar style and levels.
The action can become fast and you would need a lot of determination and luck if you are to beat the evil-eyed baddie in the end! :)
Pipi and Bibis: A more modern version of elevator action, but this time things look a bit more cute. The early levels are quite enjoyable, but unfortunately it seems that the difficulty level is raised very fast! Of course this is balanced with the prize after completing a level! :)
Penguin Kun Wars: One of the best gems to be found in MAME. Excellent gameplay and fast action awaits, as you enter a tournament where only the one with the least headaches (after being hit by a ball!) will survive and continue! :)
Polaris: A very old game, but its gameplay is still very impressive. You control a submarine and must try and shoot down all the planes (beware the one with the torpedos!). On top of the that, there also other boats and submarines making your life difficult with their fire and mines.
Pooyan: You are a pig! Yes you! You ARE a pig!!! And not only you are a pig, but you are the mama of all the pigs!!! LOL
Anyway, just try and save your kids by hitting those balloons that carry big bad wolves... Otherwise, you will devoured as pork meat! :)
Very cute game and very playable!


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