Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Round Up: A classic game of the 80s! You got to catch those little frog-like creatures. The white ones are only useful to bring the next froggy creature out, use the red ones to transform the nine white balls (in the middle) to red ones. The king of the red froggies also helps, as it makes the baddies sleep for a while! A magnificent game with nice features, especially the rubik style puzzle after finishing a level! :)

Performan: Get to the next level by shooting directly or shooting the bombs that will kill your enemies!!! A very cute game as you can even "hide" from your enemies by digging into the ground!!! :)

Route 16: Very similar but has different style compared to Rally X. You must travel through many rooms this time and pic the flags etc.
Another gem that wakes up that "playing again and again" feeling! :)
River Patrol: You guide a small boat hoping that you will reach the end without crushing on log, other boats etc. At the same time you may save some poor people who don't know how to swim! Beware of the sea suckers though...! LOL
R-Type I, II and Leo: An Amiga style shoot-em-up series, where you visit some really hostile worlds. The action and the atmosphere are fantastic!
This game is an excellent example of how shoot-em-ups should be made! :)
Safari Rally: Again, you pick up the dots with a rally car, but the action is only upwards! Very addictive and must have the skill to brake or to speed up at the correct time to avoid crashing the other car! :)


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