Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Popeye: A very addictive game where you try to save Olive by collecting falling hearts, notes and letters. Your weapons? Well of course your mighty fist, but you will need some healthy vegetarian Spinach too if you wish to beat your arch rival Brutus! :)
Pulsar: Now there's some fast action game. You need to shoot all your enemies down, but beware, as the paths of the maze you are into
change constantly! :)
Puli-Rula: Such a game can leave behind a serious psychological trauma to anyone who attempts to finish it. The baddies are all bizzare (without any exceptions) and the gameplay is fine but nothing special... Hey, then why did I mention this game? LOL
Pushman: As the title says, this game is about you pushing some blocks into some empty spaces, something which will ensure your progress to the next level. You can also pull those blocks as there may be occasions where pushing is not enough to move the pieces where you want.
But the number of places you can pull a piece depends on how many "pull pills" you have picked up! I will be definitely be playing this game again very soon! :)
Power Play: An early raster football game. It is indeed a bit bizarre, and that's why I mention it. It is a two-on-two game where you control one of the teams. Blocking the ball, getting ahead of the ball to achieve a proper shot can all be part of your strategy. Although a two player game should be very interesting, playing against the computer is also fun! :)
Radar Scope: A simple shooting game, very old but with great atmosphere! Not as impressive as some newer games, but sometimes less complicated games can be very relaxing! :)


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