Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Bubbles: What do you expect if you leave unwashed dishes? Anyway, you are represented by a small amount of water which gradually becomes bigger and bigger after eliminating some dirt and germs. However some bigger germs as well as some sponges are not happy with this and will do anything to stop you! For better scores, wash the joystick before playing!
Radical Radial: Controlling a wheel-like thingy can be fun, especially if it can also shoot! It looks like a mix between a racing and a shoot-em-up! :)
Camel Try: In almost every game it is your character that is moving usually vertically or horizontally. In this game though, your surroundings move in all directions and you must guide a ball by using simple gravitational laws, not with respect to the surroundings, but with respect to you!!!
A marvelous and unique game! :)
Raiden: A shoot em up, but a very classy one! Many such games can be unfair when losing a ship. But not this game... If you lose that would
be YOUR fault and only your fault, as the gameplay gives 1000% (yeap that's one thousand percent) control to you! :)
Rainbow Islands: Do you like rainbows? If you do, then you MUST play this game! Your weapon is in fact the rainbow which may be used
to attack your enemies and also to help you climb on the top to end the level. Very addictive! :)
Regulus: A very neat raster shoot-em-up with a large variety of enemy behaviours. It is difficult to master each level and can this be done slowly,
something that gives to this game a constant interest!


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