Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Return of the Invaders: A remake of Space Invaders with a modern look and better looking enemies! Well better looking or not, just shoot them down! :)
Road Fighter: One of the best racing games, and that's an understatement! The feeling is unbelievable while overtaking all these cars...
one by one! Even Superman makes occasional appearances! LOL
Roc'n Rope: Continuing the tradition of Donkey Kong, this is another platform game, but this time with prohestoric characters. A brilliant game which can easily become one of your favourites, as it has everything! Your weapons this time is not your jumping skills, but your climbing skills, a torch that can dazzle your enemies for a while and some power pills.
Rodland: There are many cute games, but it is rare to see a game that reaches the limits of cuteness! You will feel bad even killing your
enemies while collecting some nice flowers! :)
Rolling Crash: A simple and addictive game, where your goal is to avoid the opposite car, which for some reason is always attempting a kamikaze attack on you! :)
Rollergames: For a fighter game is not a bad one, especially when you fight while rolling in high speed! :)


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