Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Time Pilot: You are warping between different time periods facing the corresponding planes of the time. It could be old first world war type,
or it could even be UFO style which are more advanced than yours! Brilliant action and atmosphere! :)
TNK III: An excellent tank game scrolling upwards and having as goal the destruction of your enemy's bases. Plus, you can even run over all those soldiers walking around and daring to shoot at you! LOL Just perfect for some action!
The New Zealand Story: One of the most harmless creatures in the world is the kiwi. However you are not just any kiwi... You are one with plenty experience in fighting all the bad animals, including that seal that kidnapped the other kiwis! Cute, cute cute!!! :)
Traverse USA: A ride around USA turns out to be a quite good game. Smooth scrolling and a variety of stages makes this game a classic!
Warp Warp: another brilliant game for the weird minded. You must kill all those huge tongue sexy beasts! LOL A simple game that has you warping between two places where the weapon being used is different!
Ultra Balloon: Hey... what are you waiting for? You are a Bubble Bobble fan and have never played this game? Go and load it! NOW!!!! :)
Yie Ar Kung-Fu: Now that is NOT some simple fighting game... that is a legendary game. Go and play it, why are still reading this list??? :)
Zero Wing: Fantastic shoot-em-up and many many bases to destroy! ! :)
Zzyzzyxx: Going along the screen, finding gaps in the block, while creating and hiding inside a block when you need to avoid enemy
confrontation is the goal for this game. Oh yes, and as usual you are doing this to save a girl! :)
Exedexes: A quality shoot-em-up which requires you to move fast if you wish to survive. But that's not too hard as you control as very smooth spaceship! :)


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