Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Space Chaser: A very addictive game that becomes unhumanly difficult after each level. Use your limited speed feature wisely, otherwise
it is guaranteed that you won't make it to the next round! A friendly tip: Try to follow your enemies, instead of them following you! :)


Scorpion: This game should be called Spider! LOL All levels are mostly full of spiders, blocking your way with their webs! You eventually meet scorpions in the third level, while the last badie is a... yeap... a spider! A very unique game and a very challenging one too! :)
Scrambled Egg: Here you are trying to help those eggs hatch and avoiding some Pac-Man like creature (but with big teeth! LOL). Be careful
though how you hit the eggs, or you will become part of the omelette! :)
Seicross: That reminded me the crushing cars in the Luna Park! :) Here things are more serious though, as by being hit you may lose a life!
Plus you are supposed to pick some passengers and bring them to the next station (what are these people doing anyway in the middle of the

Shark Attack: A very old and blood thirsty game... You are the shark and you attack the divers!!! Eating them alive is the best option as you don't
really want to be speared to death! :)

Tehkan World Cup: One of the very few raster football games with brilliant gameplay. As much as technology has improved football games, none have come even closely as addictive as this one! And if you need to choose between joystick and trackball, then choose joystick
hands down!!! :)
Space Bomber: A very cute game with plenty UFOS and sea-creature-like aliens! Check out the "grabbing" feature! LOL


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