Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Puzzli: This game feels like the opposite of tetris... You need to place three or more sea creatures in connected line(s) format so that those creatures will disappear. But you must hurry as you may run out of water! :)
Yam! Yam!?: An excellent puzzle game, where you can't pull, but only push. You must then think of the combination that will allow you to get the diamonds inside the box. If in the middle of the process you accidentally make an irreversable move, you can re-start, but do it fast as the
time is running out! :)
Sadari: A tetris version where you fill the little blocks one by one...
Soldam: A reversi styled Tetris! Extremely interesting and very playable, plus lots if extras!!! Just be careful how you place your blocks because you may end up with an irreversable combination....!
Sparkz: You must build a monster by connecting the pipes properly! It's a cross between Tetris and Pipe Dream. Very very addictive!
Weltris: In this Tetris like game, you may input your block from any of the four sides of the square, provided that you build straight lines which have the same width/height with the square in the bottom. It adds more dimensions to Tetris while it keeps its simplicity of gameplay! :)
Puzznic: As the name reveals it's a headbreaker! Reminds me of boulderdash, but it has some nice new features that makes it more exciting! Make sure that you never leave a block behind as they can come either as a two-piece or a three-piece!
Wits: A newer version of covering your enemy before he covers you! Easy in the first levels but can get tricky later on! :)


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