Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Tactician: As the name reveals, you need to build some defence blocks before or even during the game which can be vital to you survival.
And the rest is shooting action! :)
Tank Force: Yet another version of the very addictive Tank Battalion, this time with very nice power ups and improved graphics. The time to conquer the enemy (and place your flag in his land) has come! :)
Tail to Nose: For a racing game, it contains plenty of simplified action! But before you start racing, you need to qualify!
Tapper: If you like beer, then you are in beer paradise! :) You get to serve plenty of beer around but you must be quick! Don't give too much beer, pick up the empty glasses and don't forget the tips! :)
Targ: In this continuous like game, you must beat all your enemies by shooting them down in a small and fast action maze. Not anything spectacular in terms of variety and graphics, but it is fun! :)
Tazz-mania: A brilliant game! You must clear the place from all those mushroom like creatures, before the walls close and squeeze you into mince! And the presence of some other evil creatures is definitely not helping! :)

Xevious: Shoot-em-up. Brilliant classic. Use target properly. Nuff said! :)

Xexex: If you are an 80s video song enthusiast, you will definitely love the background movement of this shoot-em-up! :)
Zoo Keeper: Try to keep all those animals closed inside the bricks as they try to escape. And beware of the monkeys and their coconuts! :)


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