Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Sinbad Mystery: A platform game with a very nice layout, most notably the labyrinth-like look. Collect all the question marks in every one of the three levels, and then the treasure will appear and it's all yours! :)

Shinobi: One of the classic fighter games, with a variety of action! You must free all those hostages, before confronting the Big Boss!!!
Shippu Mahou Daisakusen: Did anybody ask which types of shoot-em-ups provide the best atmosphere? Well this game is the answer to such a question. Enjoy the middle age flying machines!!! :)

Shocking: Your appearance is like someone's who's freaked out, so your quest is to regain your initial form (that is before you freaked out).
You must wonder inside a maze before you get the answer! :) Very cute and a game where you may spend a lot of time!


Silkworm: Turn up the volume of your speakers and get ready to wake up your neighbours! No matter if you choose a jeep or a chopper you are definitely about to blast some enemies!!! Presenting shoot-em-up action at its best! :)
Space Harrier: One of the most successful arcade games which was then marketed into many home computers. The 3-D movement is very simple to learn, but difficult to master! :)
Sinistar: "Beware I live" is a phrase that will haunt you until you manage to beat your sharped teeth enemy... A shoot-em-up where bumping on asteroids or enemies won't do any damage to your ship, but bumping on their bullets or on big bad Sinistar is fatal. Very impressive game!
Hyper Pacman: Well it would be an insult to tradition not to include a Pacman game... Plus this one has a lot of features and levels. You may even experience some of Pacman's shoot-em-up qualities! :)
Uni wars: Another example of a classic 80s shoot-em-up. Just watch out for the little androids thrown by the aliens... They soome to have an extremely long and deadly tongue! LOL


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