Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Sky Base: Phoenix and StarTrek fans (entry music LOL) will love this game. And you think the first level is hard? Well the enemy mothership in the
fourth level is a real nasty to beat. Remember to hit with your rockets (not your normal missiles) the "mothership upper aliens" exactly after
they release the orange rocket... Classic!
Sky Kid: You must simply pick a bomb and drop it to the targeted enemy base. Very enjoyable and with cute graphics. You can even save your plane while fallng (after being hit) with a special maneuver
Slap Fight: Another shot-em-up. This one has also some action, with you constantly moving to avoid all those enemy fire. Collecting stars is very
important as then you can add more nice features to your ship. This is not something new, but this particular game has "something" that makes
it more addictive! :)
Sky Raider: For such an old game, the experience was remarkable! Try to shoot the enemy bases and planes (especially the oil for obvious reasons!) while the land is strolling in front of you!
Snake Pit: Like the title implies, you are thrown into various snake pits and equipped with a whip you try to kill all those nasty snakes, scorpions etc.
In some levels there is even some hole where you can jump in and die less painfully! :) Not for the faint hearted!
Snacks'n Jaxson: Clowns usually get a deserved pudding in their face. Here, you get more stuff to eat, but you really need to exersize how to keep your nose bouncing and your neck ...extended! Another bizarre game! LOL
Up n Down: It's nice to drive a buggy, but it's not nice to be surrounded by other hostile buggies... Anyway that's the name of the game, and you will need to guide your buggy in the right path if you wish to win this race! :)
Van Van Car: Make those ballons pop and at the same time avoid the cars whose goal is to have a frontal collision with you! Your weapon?
Well your mighty jump, plus some pills that enable you to fire! :)


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