Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Snow Bros I & II: Those Bubble-Bobblesque games can really steal many hours of your life! Instead of bubbles, this time your weapons are
snowballs, and you get to defeat many hot blooded baddies! Gaming at its best! :)

Solar Fox: You are surrounded by four enemies firing at you, but are a brave and worthy opponent who can avoid their missiles and finish the level. Raster action again at its best! :)
Solomon's Key: In this cute game you use your ability of creating building blocks to get yourself around, grab the key and escape from the corresponding (to the key) door. Action combined with some thinking! :)
Solar Quest: If you like Asteroids, then this game is for you! And this time the enemies are more sophisticated! :)
Son of Phoenix: Amazing atmpshere and brilliant action and nice explosions! You will love the way you can get those aliens even if they have gone too far. It's supposed to be the Phoenix II, and in my opinion a worthy follower! :)
Son Son: A platform game which exercises a continuity between platforms. Or is it a whole single platform??? LOL
Venture: Wonder among four rooms and collect all the valuable objects! But beware all those aliens that keep chasing in and outside those
rooms. A primitive but extremely enjoyable game!
Warlords: Now let's talk about some Pong style action at its best! Instead of a ball, a dragon's fireball(s) is being used. In each corner there are four bases (one is yours). Will you be the last to survive?


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