Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Gyruss: A shooting game where you can fire to the middle from ANY angle! It is indeed some unique feature. And the best part is when there is only one baddie left and you turn around and around until you get him! Star Wars stuff! :)
Lady Killer: This game is nice as long as you choose Singapore or Tokyo as your destination! And you need to move your joystick fast!
(not THAT joystick, use the one connected to your PC!). To be honest, a game that combines many beautiful creatures with sea-diving,
simply cannot be a bad game! :)
Marble Madness: You need to have balls to play this game! :) Guiding a marble to its destination can be very challenging, especially when the road is bumpy and full of danger!
Marine Boy: Many sea creatures again! (octopii, medusas, hammerheads, dolphins, orcas, bad mermaids, good mermaids etc).
The only thing is the weapon... I know what it's supposed to be, but it looks like some other sort of extension! LOL
Metro Cross: If you are looking for great gameplay, look no further! You need to watch your timing though while you control this futuristic runner-skater! :)
Magical Crystals: In some games it is clear whether their programmers did some good work or not. This cute game is one of the good examples! When killed, your character sound so cute that makes you want to kill him again and again! (especially when he falls down) LOL


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