Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Space Beam: You control a laser beam which you use to shoot some aliens. This extension of this beam depends on the red power indicator
at the bottom. Do not try to hit aliens (or the annoying ufo whicha also has a laser beam) which are too high without the proper energy as you
will only waste your fire! Nice concept and very addictive! :)
Space Invaders DX: Well how would you like playing against Space Invaders which have the form of Bubble Bobble characters? That and a lot
more are included in this re-mastered Space Invaders game! :)
Commando: Now this is a real classic, maybe not as known as Pac Man etc, but it triggered the creation of many similar games. You are only
by yourself and you take on a whole army! Not that this bothers you...! LOL
Space Seeker: You must save Earth again (yawn), and this time you need to attack three mobile enemy bases. Each base must be completely
cleared off enemies before leaving and proceeding to the next. But beware, on the road to those bases you will have to shoot down three enemy
fleets. A nice game with a big variety of action, enemies and colors!!! :)
Spatter: Another game that reaches the limits of cuteness! You control a little child on its tricycle, eating fruits, while extending the sides of the platform to avoid its enemies. Of course you (the child that is) can also attack the enemies using some small blocks! :)
Space Zap: Simplicity at its best! You rotate around your base protecting it by enemies who can be positioned into four places. Reminded me
of the Nintendo game and watch games! :) And you shouldn't miss the explosions when you lose a life, especially the last one!
Tropical Angel: Water skiing is a very nice sport, and in this game you control a sexy female, whose bikini covers less than half of what it's
supposed to cover... Who cares about the gameplay! LOL
Water Ski: Another skiing game, the angle is different form Tropical Angel, while you need to be careful of the BIG rocks! :)


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