Grand Master Peter's recommended MAME games!

Bonze Adventure: Well I was forced by Steph to put this in! LOL ok, ok to be honest, it IS a nice game with plenty of different typed levels, looks like out of this world! :) Reminded me of Ghost n Goblins, and if you play it you'll see what I mean!
Beware of the baddie in the very last level, you have to beat him TWICE!!!
Balloon Bomber: Well the concept is that of a shooting game... To make it more interesting, if an enemy's shot hits the ground it will prevent you from passing that spot again...! (well at least until the level's finished). Good luck... you're gonna need it! :)
Burger Time: It's lunch time!!!! And the best part, it is up to you to prepare a nice yummy healthy burger! LOL It is healthy not because of its vitamins, but because if you don't prepare it, the veggies and sausages will make sure you'll die! :)
Mag Max: Now that's another kinda unusual shooting game! The whole scene, 3-d style look, and the different unexpected happenings
(such as more than one ways to finish a level) makes it extremely interesting. You need to be fast though, IF you want to finish it that is! :)
Rootin' Tootin': An extremely musical game, as you are a trompet and must avoid the deadly touch of the guitars, drums, pianos etc.
It is indeed another "eat the dots" (musical notes in this case) game, but the fact that the musical notes can kill your enemies as you control the direction, makes it more strategic. Plus you have got power pills appearing occasionally and some extra "disappearing"power. As for the atmosphere, you will feel like joining a music class after playing this game! :)
Vs Battle City: An improved version of Tank Battalion, and resembles so far the closest thing to a mystery game I am looking for...
Now there are different types of tanks, bonuses etc. And the main goal still remains protecting your base!!!


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