Grand Master Peter's Wish List...

In this page I list my long time desires that have to do with arcade game amulation! I am sure one day these desires will come true, but by listing them more people may see them and help me out! :)
It is also a nice chance to congratulate the MAME team for such an amazing emulator! :)










1. Finding my mystery tank game!











Here is a brief description of the game I am looking for:

This raster game was released between 1981 and 1983 (probably 1983, but it *could* also be 1984), where you controlled a tank, and you had to fight other tanks and enemies...

The game was scrolling upwards and it had a 4-way joystick. With your tank you could actually dig your way through some "grass" areas (and maybe the other tanks could not dig, but they could follow the paths made by you - something like Dig-Dug). I remember it very well, but I can't remember its name...! (well I remember the number "5"(?) on the game title but I may be wrong - could the "s" in the "Progress" title be that "5" digit? it looks very close! LOL). So the name of the game seemed to be Progress, but after it was emulated (thanks Haze!!!), there weren't enough similarites. In general it was not the game I was looking for.

After knowing that the game was not "Progress" (three pictures on the right, a game from Chuo Co. Ltd in 1984) OR "Space Tank" (from Tehkan in 1983 - no known pictures for this game), Gregf posted some pictures from an ebay auction of a game called "Borderline". THAT was it!!!


Now I hope the roms could be found to get my hands on that game... ;-)

Some pictures of Borderline are just below:

Click HERE to view on of the Borderline flyers
(taken from

Many thanks to WTC for providing me the information and pictures for "Progress". From those three pictures, the first two look REALLY familiar! Both "Progress" and "Space Tank" have no roms dumped and of course are unemulated.






2. Emulation of Super Tank!

In the same arcade place, the above mystery tank game was opposite a Super Tank cabinet. It is a great game without any doubt, and I hope it will be soon emulated! In the end of each level, you had to beat a HUGE (I really mean HUGE) tank!!! :)

The rom is here (no drivers yet, but it is said it should be made similar to the driver for the game looping), a PDF help file is here, and flyers for this game already exist in the Arcade Flyers page! :)


















3. The Greek Tehkan World Cup clones!



Possible directions for the player and the ball in the Tehkan World Cup in MAME.

Possible directions for the player and the ball in the Greek Tehkan World Cup cabinet as described in clone (1). Going diagonally up-right or diagonally down-right looks more like going up or down!

This one is a hard one...

The most popular Tehkan World Cup version that we had in Greece is NOT the one emulated in MAME. In fact, the one in MAME was the third in popularity (because of marketing) behind two other clones:

- (1) a clone where the player could barely run diagonally towards the up-right direction (that is, he was running like a crab towards that direction, while there didn't exist a clear diagonal up-right shot). Plus, the long kick (not a power kick) would send the ball much further than the version in MAME.

- (2) a clone where when the ball was shot with a long kick it would go very far... around a third of the distance compared to the long kick in the clone in MAME.




One of the ways I tried to overcome this, was to change the sensitivity levels in the Dip Switches. Those dip switches do NOT work properly (some - like the delta function - are even missing) in the later versions of MAME (that is after MAME 0.35). Don't ask me why, I have no idea why this was decided.
So, after playing around with the Dip Switches, I got very close to those versions, but not close enough to convince myself that this was the way the two clones were made...

Furthermore, after Whacker got a Tehkan World Cup cabinet in Greece, we tried to solve the mystery but instead, things got even more complicated!
Whilst the game plays as described in (1), when he dumped the rom, the game was playing like the clone in MAME!!!
The only thing we could possibly think off, was a possible modification of the way the Z80 processors communicate with each other on the PCB... Could this be true? Or there may be still ways of modifying the Dip Switches (in ways I haven't tried) so that we can obtain versions (1) and (2) from the MAME version? For now, only God knows!

No need for many pictures here, as there are more than enough at the Tehkan World Cup Site! :)
Also, if you wish to take a look at all the Tehkan World Cup roms, please go to the clones page! :)





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